Guidelines for Referees

We expect the referees to provide us with comments and criticism intended for both the author(s) and the editors, concluded by recommendation (publish, publish after revision, not publish). Referees may also send comments to the editors only.

In the part designated for the author(s) and the editors, we suggest including the following:

  1. Brief summary the manuscript including a statement on the key results and their importance to the field,
  2. Assessment of the originality, correctness and significance of the results,
  3. Assessment of the presentation, the clarity of argumentation and the scientific rigor of the manuscript,
  4. Assessment of the length of the manuscript, number of figures, tables and references,
  5. The report should include a recommendation to accept, revise and reconsider, or reject the manuscript and the reasons for the recommendation.

The report should be sent via e-mail.

In the part intended for the editors only referees can provide comments that may include their thoughts on why the paper is right or wrong for our journal, reasons behind the recommendation, or other information the referee feels would be useful.

Please note that all materials associated with the review process are confidential, including the manuscript, referee reports, and other correspondence. We kindly ask referees not to contact the authors directly until the review process is not completed. Reviewers are obliged to disclose any conflicts of interest to the editors; whether they have any relationship with the author(s) that could preclude the objective evaluation of the manuscript.

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